From Mill to Mall

By Kristen Pope
Staff Writer

Commons Photos by Kristen Pope
Weaver Street Cafe
“If these buildings could speak…” reads the sign posted directly beyond the arched entry ways of Carr Mill Mall, hinting to visitors that there is history in the rafters, bricks and hardwood tiles of the modern shopping mall.

Today, Carr Mill Mall and the adjacent Weaver Street Market are a bustling center of business, culture, art and community. But, if the buildings could talk, they would tell a story of development, hard work and of a town just laying down a foundation.

The buildings that are home to many of present-day Carrboro’s major businesses once housed the town’s old cotton mill, the industry that sprung Carrboro into existence.

“When the mill first started, it was just a mill town,” said James Harris, director of economic and community development in Carrboro. “People worked either at the m