Storied ArtSchool begins semester

By Jordan Lawrence
Staff Writer

When students walk into the first classes of the ArtSchool’s spring semester next week, they may not realize the history they are about to be a part of.

The school is the teaching branch of the ArtsCenter and holds classes in several kinds of arts, including painting and dancing.

“There’s something there that would appeal to anybody in the community interested in taking classes in the arts,” said John Wilner, executive director of the ArtsCenter.

“For the folks that take classes it’s a safe environment for them to be able to learn art and practice art without the pressure of a degree program. It offers programs to all ages.”

Wilner added that the ArtSchool is a well needed employer for the Carrboro arts scene.

“We employ about 70 artists from the community,” he said. “We give them work, and that’s really good.”

The ArtSchool has been in Carrboro since 1974 when Jacques Menache founded the ArtSchool after