Stephanie Zimmerman

Stephanie is a UNC-CH senior journalism major from Greenville, N.C., serving as co-editor of the Carrboro Commons.

Prison Books Collective brings literature to inmates

Prison Books Collective brings literature to inmates

Since the spring of 2006, the Prison Books Collective has worked to give a voice to prisoners in the U.S. prison system and to fight some of the struggles that inmates face every day. The Collective, located at 621 Hillsborough Rd. in Carrboro, is an anti-prison group that sends hundreds of books to prisoners in the South every month. It… Read more →

Mural project to match Carrboro's local color

Mural project to match Carrboro’s local color

  Known for its emphasis on local culture and its strong arts presence, Carrboro is culturally distinct from surrounding areas. But for people driving through the town, there are few defining images that showcase the Carrboro spirit. That is exactly what the Carrboro Mural Project aims to accomplish. “Several of us have looked at areas along the entrance way, the gateway… Read more →

Artist incorporates graffiti's message into mural

Artist incorporates graffiti’s message into mural

If you’ve ever been to downtown Chapel Hill, you’ve probably seen the “Parade of Humanity” mural. Located on the west wall of the Carolina Coffee Shop on East Franklin Street, the mural includes an array of people, animals, objects and symbols that represent the town and the University. But in early December 2014, passers-by saw more than just the familiar… Read more →