4c Hair

Each hair type defines or classifies hair into subcategories.  Type 4 has three different subcategories: 4A, 4B and 4C.  The categories identify a variety of tightly wrapped type 4 loops.  Although loop designs may look similar, they are actually very different and require different care.  Type 4C is considered the most difficult to take care of hair because it is naturally dry, poorly defined, difficult to style and requires daily care.

 Type 4C hair is beautiful.  If you want the right advice, it is unique, easy to maintain and maintain, but also stylish.  As a new natural 4C, finding someone with the same type of hair can give you style ideas and help you get your crown.  In this short article, we will explain how to identify type 4C hair and how to style, maintain and protect your natural curly pattern learn more:

 How to identify 4c hair

 Type 4C hair will be 4B twins, but the coil is very bent.  After washing hair without products (natural state), unlike 4A and 4B, there is no definition of hair.  The yarn is almost never bundled without using the comb technique such as hunting hands, twisting, braiding, or weaving methods.  Type 4C hair can be from soft to thick.  In addition, this hair type shrinks by more than 75%.  So if your hair is 3 inches, then it will look like you are only 1 inch or less, if the hair is not pulled.  And it is the most delicate of the 4 hair types.

 How to care for 4c hair

 Always keep in mind that “what works for someone is not necessarily for you,” even if you have the same hair.

 Here are some tips for 4C hair care:

  • Use a moisturizer as a conditioner to protect your hair from aggressive atmospheric elements.
  • The gels or curls that define pastry creams are your best friends because they pull and define your spiral, especially with Twist and Braid.
  • Sleep in a satin scarf or cap to avoid breakage, single rope knots and split ends.
  • Unwanted wet hair.  You can add a slippery elm or marshmallow root to your detangler to make the process easier.
  • Make sure you use a high quality moisturizer as the hair is naturally dry and needs to retain its moisture.

 How to style 4c hair

 There are many natural hairstyles in which you can style 4C hair.  Just choose one that suits your personal style and protects your hair.  Also keep in mind the time you have for daily style and choose a style that suits you.

 Remember that each person’s hair is different, so it may not look exactly like a graphic.