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Cultural relativism essay

Despite this, many still believe that the national drinking age should be lowered to eighteen. For example, the female infanticide which is as old as many cultures, remains a critical concern for Americans today. Earlier they also declared a ban smoking inside twenty five feet distance of the coffee shop doorway. Read More. Cultural relativism explains to us why it does not exist a major cultural relativism essay we should visit web page or think it is the best one. I believe that morality is relative to culture simply since our morals develop from the surroundings in which we are raised. CDC also cultural relativism essay that 11, homicides involve a gun. There are equally a esday of challenges or disadvantages regarding the social contract approach to business theory. Therefore we Cultural Relativism Essay Words 6 Pages. Just see more drug dealers acquire illegal narcotics, criminals bent on acquiring essxy will get them one way or. In our society, this goes against our marriage and sexual practices- and killing of babies is seen as completely immoral and cultural relativism essay punishable. To further understand cultural relativism one must first learn the definition. Does a normative….

Cultural relativism essay

Nov 20,  · In the essay, The Challenge of Cultural Relativism by James Rachels, he argued that many values in each society must be more or less universal. For example, if a society does not prohibit murder, people can kill each other freely at anytime, and no one will judge whether it is right or wrong. Jul 15,  · “People believe in cultural relativism because when your dealing with morality, there is no objective truth. Right and wrong are only matters of opinion, and opinions vary from culture to culture” (Rachels ). It is true that in some societies people believe in Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Cultural Relativism Essay Words6 Pages Even though we consider the present day world as a global village, there are enormous cultural differences seen across the societies. Each ethnic group has distinct practices and concepts about values and ethics. Cultural relativism is a very interesting and controversial topic in the philosophical/ religious world. To further understand cultural relativism one must first understand the definition. Cultural relativism is the view that different cultures have different moral codes and values; therefore culture is . Apr 14,  · Ethical and cultural relativism have been defined as differences in opinion among people from different cultures as a result of their belonging to such cultures. Put differently, as a result of growing up in different cultural environments, people acquire certain sets of beliefs which are distinct from those of persons who grew up in other cultures. Feb 09,  · Cultural relativism is the principle that an individual human’s beliefs and activities should be understood by others in terms of that individual’s own culture. This principle was established as axiomatic inanthropological research by Franz Boas in the first few decades of the 20th century and later popularized by his carrborocommons.orgted Reading Time: 3 mins. Cultural relativism seeks to have people judge or view values, beliefs, principles, and practices within the confines of a particular culture. This means that while the norms may vary from culture to culture, everyone is right or equal simply because there is no single system which is fit .

Cultural relativism essay

We use cookies to enhance our website for you. Proceed if you agree to this policy or learn more about it. Type of paper: Essay. Ethical and cultural relativism have been defined as differences in opinion among people from different cultures as a result cultural relativism essay their belonging to such cultures. Put differently, as a result of growing up in different cultural environments, people acquire certain sets of beliefs which are distinct from those of persons who grew up in other cultures.

The end result is that both groups of persons have different beliefs about what is right or wrong as a result of the cultural conditioning that they have undergone. Cultural relativism essay of the cultural relativism school of thought have argued that as a result of these differences in cultures which essentially give cultural relativism essay to different moral codes, there is no universal morality. They contend that morality, just like culture is very relative.

In other words, what is moral and acceptable in one community may be completely immoral and even abominable in another community. The proponents further contend that as a result of there being no universal morality, individuals should not be quick to term the actions or inaction of others as immoral when they do not cultural relativism essay with them.

However, this submission contends that while there is no universal morality, every human cultural relativism essay is created with cultural relativism essay innate sense of right or wrong. It is this innate sense of right or wrong that should then guide our morality. In any case, culture is highly dynamic and what may be immoral today cultural relativism essay not necessarily be immoral tomorrow. Indeed, critics of the cultural relativism school of thought have advanced the argument that the underlying issues in various cultures are the same; it is only the means to the end which differ.

For example, both the Greeks and the Callatians believe in the respect cultural relativism essay the dead. Put differently, both the Greeks and the Callatians have a similar underlying set of beliefs regarding the dead. Indeed, both communities believe that the dead should be respected and that even after death, they continue being part of the community. The only difference between these cultural relativism essay communities arises in cultural relativism essay manner in which they seek to ensure that the dead continue being part of the community.

While the Geeks cremate the dead, the Callatians eat their dead. A superficial understanding of more info cultural relativism school of thought would make one to quickly jump to the conclusion, depending on his or her set of beliefs, that either cultural relativism essay Greeks or the Callatians are immoral.

Yet, this should hardly be the case. One must always seek to identify and critically assess the rationale behind acts performed by various persons or groups of persons. In the long run, they will realize that just like the case among the Cultural relativism essay and the Greeks, there is a common belief, a common moral strand, it is only the means by which the belief is manifested that differs.

In conclusion, this submission contends that individuals should not hide under the veil of cultural relativism so as to commit immoral acts. Indeed, even cultural relativism itself in more often than not underlined by a common strand of morality. The notion of social contracts was first advanced by such scholars as Thomas Hobbes and Jean Jacques Rousseau. According to these scholars, the social contract was a contract between the governing and the governed which detailed the expectations and responsibilities placed on either cultural relativism essay. Similarly, in the business context, the cultural relativism essay contract details certain online buy essays can you on either party to the contract.

This is especially with regard to ethics as far as business is concerned. A fundamental question that begs to be answered is what exactly are the pros and cons of the social contracts approach to business theory? This submission please click for source to highlight some advantages and disadvantages of the social contracts approach to business theory.

One key advantage of the social cultural relativism essay approach to business theory is that it advocates for the idea of grand or super norms which transcend across boundaries and cultures. However, despite transcending boundaries and cultures, such norms assignment writing service all business activities.

An example that could be used illustratively is honesty in business contracts. Irrespective of the culture or cultural relativism essay in which a business cultural relativism essay conducted, the expectation by all the parties is that they will be honest with each other.

Such a norm arises from the social contract theory in that it is implicit in every business activity. The advantage of cultural relativism essay such a norm is click it makes it much easier to carry out business activities.

Indeed, while source diligence has always been encouraged, it would be extremely cumbersome to undertake business activities with the belief that the persons one is dealing with are lying. The social contract places on every such person involved an obligation to be cultural relativism essay. The social contracts cultural relativism essay to business theory is also instrumental in achieving standards that bind all players in a given industry.

For instance, where the social contract theory demands that companies do not make products that are harmful to people, in time, this becomes a grand norm. In the long run, any companies which were involved in processing or manufacturing harmful products will have to change so to abide by the grand norm. Numerous advantages flow from this key benefit of the social contracts theory. Key among these is the fact that as a result of the social contract, the safety of consumers will cultural relativism essay enhanced.

There are equally a number of challenges or disadvantages regarding the social contract approach to business theory. The first challenge would arise due to the fact that unlike the social contract advocated by Hobbes which envisaged the governing and the governed as the only two entities in the contract, business involves many diverse players thus the idea of a social contract binding all these players may not be tenable.

Secondly, differences in cultural and national practices may also be a great impediment in actualizing the social contract approach to business theory. Indeed, such differences may only serve to ensure that the said benefits of the social contract approach to business are never manifest but simply remain theoretical. In conclusion, this submission contends that the pros of the social contract approach to business theory outweigh the cons.

It is a theory which is especially relevant in the twenty first century business environment. Donaldson, Thomas and Thomas Dunfee.

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