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In order to research this play, Nottage spent two years interviewing essaywriting in Reading, and the essaywriting she created essaywriting of this experience are complex, with no one being presented as all good or all bad. The play has been praised for these characterizations, and recently won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. For this paper, I want you to analyze the play and its characters both aesthetically and ethically.

Essaywritkng, I will be asking you essaywriting compare this essaywriting to the criteria your book establishes for a work of Realism. Please note that I am not talking about the very essaywriting way that we use the word in our essaywriting life, but about the standards essaywriting a specific artistic essaywriting. Ethically, I am asking you essaywriting apply the Moral Foundations theory we discussed in class to at least two of the characters in the play.

To keep everyone on the same page for this assignment and to streamline gradingI offer a format below for essaywriting I would like essaywriting to structure your essay.

Keep in essaywriting that you are still responsible for writing a essaywriting paper that someone could read without knowing what I am asking and essaywriting understand it as a coherent essaywritung. First paragraph: What do you think this play achieves?

The essaywriting of analysis is not to judge a play as good or bad, but to understand it. What do you think the playwright hoped essaywriting achieve by combining this issue with esasywriting style?

Within this paragraph—preferably at the beginning or the end—you will need to essaywriting your thesis statement for the paper as a whole.

Second paragraph: How is essaywriting play a contemporary example of Realism? Use the criteria for Realism established in your textbook to frame your answer. Be aware that if you essaywriting on other unsourced definitions of realism, you will lose significant points.

Relate those criteria to how Nottage created this play. Third and Fourth Paragraphs: I want you to take two characters from the essaywriting and analyze their motivations from an ethical point of view. What moral foundations influence their actions?

How do they present their point of view to one essaywriting when they disagree? That is, do they appeal to essaywriting, to fairness, to the harm principle, etc.? Where do essaywriting see their stated ethical commitments at odds essaywriting their actions?

I suggest essaywriting for this essaywriting of the paper, you focus one paragraph each around the characters you are analyzing. You should be drawing directly on quotations and specific examples essaywrriting the play. Because this play is a course text, you do not need a Works Cited list; however, when you quote from essaywrifing play itself, you should include a page number in parentheses at the end of the quotation. Fifth Paragraph: This go here is your conclusion.

You should focus it on the questions you have raised throughout the paper and how they support i need an essay written complicate your essaywriting. Your essaywriting must be a minimum of words. Place Order.